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Popular Names for Cows and the Meaning Behind the Name

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

You may not know it, but some of the most famous cows in the world were not named by chance. Trying to name a cow can be a difficult task - especially when nothing seems to fit. You have probably heard of popular names like “Betsy” or “Clarabelle,” but did you know that most of these names have a meaning behind them. Explore the possibilities of naming your cow from this popular list:

Annabelle: If you have ever seen the movie “Annabelle’s Wish,” you know that Annabelle is a cow who wishes to be a reindeer. If you name a cow “Annabelle,” you are paying homage to this magical wishing cow.

Clarabelle: For all the Walt Disney fans out there, Clarabelle was introduced formally by Walt Disney in the early 1930s, and although she had a brief hiatus, she has been a staple character ever since - often seen with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Belle: If you have never seen a Bluebell Ice Cream commercial, you are missing out. The name “Belle” originates from one of the brand’s characters. You can find the original ad with Belle by searching YouTube for “Belle the Singing Cow.”

Bessie: This is a popular cow name, originating from the Latin word ‘Bos’, which translates to cow, or the name bossy, which can be another version of the Latin word.

Betsy: Although it seems to be derived from the name “Bessie,” it is actually from a song. You can find “Betsy, the Cow” by searching on YouTube.

Dixie: If for no other reason than the sound, Dixie has become popular because of its Southern feel and vibe.

Gertie: This is one of the more popular traditional cow names - although more on the old-fashioned side, it is still hip and popular today!

Ferdinand: Popular for being the lead character in a movie, Ferdinand the Bull has inspired many bulls featuring this name.

Angus: Also a key character in the movie, Angus helps Ferdinand escape to find the truth out about his father - the name is great for your bull’s best friend.

Guapo: In terms of famous Casa Del Toro bulls, Guapo is one of the more infamous ones, next to Valiente.

Daisy: If you aren’t privy to the world of Bovine literature, you likely have not heard of “Daisy the Cow.” Thanks to her presence in childhood books, Daisy is often a popular name for cows.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Cow

The next time you find yourself searching for a name for a cow, take a minute to consider a few factors -

  • Is there a specific story or name you personally love?

  • Does the name really fit your cow’s personality?

  • Will the name stick?

If all else fails, cartoon character names seem to be popular when it comes to naming a cow. There are names all over the place that work - Cookies ‘n Cream, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dandelion, Noodles, and more. You can’t go wrong when choosing a name - it just might take you a little longer to find it.

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