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3D Scanning of Shoenberg Farms

Updated: Jan 27

An important part of the Shoenberg Farms Restoration Project includes detailed 3D scanning of the property. The process included all the buildings vital to the project, including the farmhouse, dairy barn, milk and pump house, and carriage house. These buildings will play a major role in positively impacting the community, with plans including:

  • The Farmhouse is to be restored and used as a community business center

  • The Dairy Barn is to be restored and used as a rentable event venue

  • The Milk and Pumphouse is to be restored and serve as a rentable Honorary Couple’s Suite with lounge area and staging areas for event preparation

  • The Carriage House is to be restored and used as the office for the superintendent and maintenance equipment for the grounds

Once completed, visitors to Shoenberg Farms will not only experience the breathtaking early 1900s architecture but immerse themselves in the history of the farm – with the community being the overall beneficiary of the project.

What is 3D Scanning?

The primary purpose of 3D scanning is to get a digitally rendered 3D image of the object being scanned. Objects smaller than a thumb tack and bigger than a skyscraper can be 3D scanned – the process is used to create a CAD model of the object being scanned. The process is relatively simple – a stationary scanning device that uses a rotating laser to scan the object and create cloud points. Point clouds are millions of precisely measured XYZ points to define an object’s position in space. The image made of the cloud points is then uploaded digitally and rendered into a 3D model.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Shoenberg Farms

In addition to the unique experience of seeing the farm close up in a digital rendering, the 3D scans will be an invaluable part of the Shoenberg Farms Restoration Project.

Considering an event in the future and want to tour the Dairy Barn at Shoenberg Farms? 3D renderings of the event venue can be created using the 3D scans of the building – likewise with the other buildings involved in the renovation project. These 3D scans will also make it possible to share the vision of each building in detail.

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