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About Shoenberg Farms

The Origin Story

In 1911, Oscar and Anne Morrison sold a parcel of land in Jefferson County to New Yorker Louis D. Shoenberg. He had red brick buildings built, with plans to donate to the National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives (NJH) as a memorial to his son who had died of tuberculosis. In 1912, the Dudley C. Shoenberg Memorial Farm was donated to Denver’s National Jewish Hospital. NJH opened in 1900 to treat tuberculosis patients. Louis Shoenberg began in the clothing business in boom town Leadville, Colorado, and later partnered with David May of May D & F. A “scientific” farmer and graduate of Cornell, W. J. Abbott, was hired to run the farm. Abbott purchased Holsteins in Wisconsin for a dairy and also added chickens for a poultry operation.

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